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Who we are

Founded in 1992, TECNOLITA Industrial Ltda. is a company formed by professionals with extensive experience in high performance refractories and high performance anti-corrosion materials and systems. Our technical staff/board has names that are references in their market segments, gathering decades of knowledge, specializations abroad, extensive experience in the field and in the development of special products and projects, supply of thousands of tons of special refractories and protection of thousands of square meters of corrosion-proof equipment and installations - many of these devices are still in perfect working order after more than 20 years of operation.

Roberto Motta


Technical-Commercial Director of Refractory

Günther Reinprecht


Managing Director of Finances

Paulo Cabral


Technical-Commercial Manager of Anticorrosive

With over 25 years in the market, innovative technologies, appropriate solutions and a wide range of manufacturing, TECNOLITA works focusing on the quality of its products and customer satisfaction, always seeking to meet with excellence their needs, is pledging to manufacture parts that withstand high temperatures in extreme conditions or combat corrosion efficiently.


The company is located in Campinas, Brazil. Hundreds of tons of products come out of our facilities every month. Our location is strategically favorable - at the junction of 3 of the most important highways in the State of São Paulo and close to Viracopos international airport - which helps to streamline production flow and customer service.
TECNOLITA operates throughout the National Territory and in the Mercosur countries, offering complete technical and commercial assistance, with qualified engineers and solutions that follow the latest technological advances in the world market.

ISO 9001

In addition to all the experience of our technical staff in the Refractories and Anticorrosives sector and permanent contact with leaders in the European market, TECNOLITA has been ISO 9001 certified since 2010. In this way, we provide our customers with the tranquility of the best choice for the solution of your projects, since we are always in compliance with all procedures established in the Quality Management Process, which values the conformity and quality of the products and the good technical and commercial service.



TECNOLITA’s Quality Policy


Constantly seeking the world's best technologies to products manufactured and / or marketed by applying those more consistent with the needs of
each client.

Constantly improving the manufacturing processes, reducing time and ensuring compliance with quality requirements for products and services.

Constantly seek to establish partnership relationships with competent suppliers, qualities and in line with our work philosophy.

Constantly seek to increase the customer satisfaction level, thereby establishing a reliable and lasting relationship.

Environmental responsibility

Committed to preserving the environment, all waste and contaminated packaging are designated for properly disposal, where they are treated and disposed of in accordance with environmental legislation, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life on the planet and avoiding the generation of environmental subject in the future.


Develop, test, produce and market the entire line of refractory parts and anti-corrosion materials, so that customers have confidence in our brand
and choose to use our products, in addition to promoting differentiated service.


Stand out in the anticorrosive and refractory market, so a benchmark for quality, with the same ethical commitment from employee training.


Ethics, Integrity, Commitment, Innovation, Quality, Sustainability, partnership with customers and suppliers.