New partner | MAGNECO METREL

MAGNECO METREL INC., An American company, produces and distributes special monolithic refractories linked to colloidal silica for applications in the steel, cement, aluminum, ceramic, copper, ferroalloys, foundry, glass, etc. industries.

The company, founded in 1978, is based in Addison, Illinois and has plants in Addison, Illinois; Negley, Ohio; Gary, Indiana; Tianjin, China and Shildon, England.

Metpump® products, developed by her, are used “in situ” through applications for pumping, projection, injection and even pouring. It also allows special parts to be obtained so that the coating assembly is even faster and more efficient and with excellent dimensional quality.

Metpump® products are materials that allow drying and sintering in a very short time, since all the free water in the material is removed at a temperature of 120ºC.

Worldwide, the Metpump® brand is synonymous with quality, speed, safety, ease of application and recovery of
refractory linings, as it has provided its customers with quick returns, reduced equipment downtime for their recovery and
increased performance.

From April / 2019, with this partnership formed, TECNOLITA will become the official distributor of MAGNECO METREL products in the Brazilian market and for that, TECNOLITA will have in its stock of a variety of products that can meet this demand.

In parallel to the distribution, TECNOLITA will produce in its factory in Campinas, SP, special parts with Metpump® products, for this our employees are already being trained by MAGNECO METREL technicians to be able to obtain special parts with the necessary quality for each type of application.

With this, the Brazilian market will have at your disposal a fast, safe service, with lower cost and with the quality of TECNOLITA special pieces that the market has already become accustomed to observing. To learn more about this new product line and its applications please contact us.

Contact Center: (19) 3729-3070