New coating projects in bleaching towers – 2014/2015


CMPC / VALMET – Guaiba 2

In July 2014, TECNOLITA Industrial signed a contract with Valmet Celulose, Papel e Energia Ltda. referring to the “Expansão Guaíba 2 – Fibras Line” project, by the final client CMPC – Celulose Riograndense in Guaíba, RS. In this project, TECNOLITA supplied all the necessary anticorrosive materials and our partner Bunker Engenharia Anticorrosiva was in charge of the execution of the work. Four new bleaching towers were covered, totaling an area of 5,352 m². The work is in its final stage of application.

KLABIN / ANDRITZ 2015 – Puma Project

In January 2015, TECNOLITA Industrial, together with the partner Bunker, closed another major anti-corrosion coating project in bleaching towers. Andritz Brasil is responsible for the work in Ortigueira, PR and the final customer is Klabin. TECNOLITA developed the project for the coatings and will supply all the materials for the protection of the three towers, which will be assembled with the specialized labor of Bunker. The project, called “Klabin-Puma Fiber Line Area”, will cause the company to double its production by 2016 and will have a total coated area of 3,252 m².
The technical staff of TECNOLITA Industrial has successfully participated in most of the major projects carried out in Brazil in recent decades. The Guaíba 2 and Puma projects add more value to our building works curriculum and for the name that TECNOLITA already has in Pulp and Paper sector.
We thank our customers Valmet and Andritz for their trust in the quality of TECNOLITA anti-corrosion materials and the seriousness with which we develop our work: always focusing on customer satisfaction, from the first service to the completion of the works and after-sales.