Maintenance shutdowns in pulp and paper factories


Every year, the Pulp and Paper factories schedule their general shutdown for maintenance of their mills in advance, helping the planning of suppliers in this process. The areas involved for maintenance are the fiber line, recovery and utilities, drying and raw material. Thus, every year TECNOLITA seeks to further strengthen its relationship with customers, participating in the stops with the supply of quality anti-corrosion materials and specialized labor. In 2014 TECNOLITA was present in the stops of seven different factories, being them : Fibria – Jacareí / SPSuzano – Limeira / SPKlabin – Telêmaco Borba / PR *Klabin – Otacílio Costa / SC *Klabin – Correa Pinto / SC *Cenibra – Belo Oriente / MG *International Paper – Luis Antonio / SP * All works were executed in accordance with the best techniques and within the pre- established deadline. TECNOLITA’s quality materials and the experience the company has in the Pulp and Paper business ensure customer satisfaction with the service provided. For this year 2015 we hope to maintain the partnership with the customers we already serve and increase our presence at the stops factories, always looking to meet your needs with the best cost-benefit of the market. If you have already established the date of the maintenance stoppage of your Pulp and Paper plant, please contact us. TECNOLITA has been in the market for 23 years and is a reference when it comes to anticorrosive coating.

*We have a partnership with Bunker Engenharia Anticorrosiva, a company specialized in the application of coatings, which was responsible for the application of TECNOLITA anticorrosive materials in these works.