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TECNOLITA Industrial has developed a line of refractories with the latest technology, comparable to that used in Europe, Japan and the United States. Our products operate in high temperature environments and extreme operating conditions, providing the highest performance, with the largest number of runs per part used.

TECNOLITA's service is personalized and direct, aiming at technical solutions according to the real interests of its customers. We offer technical assistance at the application site, including performance studies.

Mortars or cements refractories - CINOLIT

Line of Mortars and Cements Refractories, supplied dry or wet, for use in laying refractory bricks, insulating bricks and special pieces.

Conventional refractory concretes - C

Conventional Refractory Concrete Line from 42 to 95% Al2O3, produced with high quality assembles, being indicated for use in various equipment and also for carrying out repairs, due to its ease of application.

Concrete refractory of low and ultra low cement
content - CASTNOLIT CB

Low Content (BT) and Ultra Low Content (UBT) Cement Refractory Line, with reduced percentages of Calcium aluminate cement, ultra-
thin particle size additives, enabling a significant reduction in the amount of kneading water, resulting in products with high refractoriness, low
porosity, high mechanical resistance, high resistance to thermal shock and damage of liquid slag.

For more information visit the technical literature page and meet our FT's (technical specifications). If you do not find the necessary information, contact our technical team: (19) 3729-3070

Special parts - NOLIT CB

Line of special aluminous pieces (from 50 to 95% Al2O3), produced from refractory concretes with low cement content and ultra low cement
content. We manufacture parts of various sizes and shapes, weighing up to 15 tons, with the highest degree of physical quality and finish,
such as:

  • Monolithic deltas for use in refrigerated vaults of three-phase electric arc furnaces;
  • Monolithic vaults for use in three-phase electric arc furnaces;
  • Leak spout of electric arc furnaces;
  • Valve seats for steel pans;
  • Seat plugs for steel pans;
  • Valve seats for Tundish;
  • Special Parts for the CAS-OB Injection System (Lower Snorkel)
  • Burner Blocks;
  • Diffusers;
  • Capillary plugs for argon injection in steel pans;
  • Oxygen Injection Spears in steel pan;
  • Torpedo Car Lime Injection Lances;
  • The most varied configurations of special parts for the most diverse jobs in industrial ovens, boilers, tunnel kiln carts, stationary ovens, intermittent ovens, induction ovens, etc.
For more information visit the technical literature page and meet our FT's (technical specifications). If you do not find the necessary information, contact our technical team: (19) 3729-3070

Segments served

The TECNOLITA developed a diverse line of refractory products and anti-corrosion coatings to meet, with excellence, every need and specification, regardless of the industrial segment. We offer the flexibility to meet the needs of each project with the ideal product, serving and delivering the durability and strength required. Main segments served by TECNOLITA are:

Ceramics Industries

Pottery is one of artifacts production activity from clay, which becomes very…


Steel Casting and Cast Iron

In metallurgy, casting is the process of placing molten metal into a…


Projects and Equipment Companies

Companies specialized in design solutions and equipment that need our product line…


Industries Cement and Lime

The cement industry requires large investments and is subject to cost pressures.…


Steel Industries

The steel is a metallurgical branch dedicated to the transformation of iron.…


See some of our work


  • 1 Mixture making

    Mixture making

    Concrete base mixture making for Delta with no cement. Our partner Magneco METREL produces this concrete.

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  • 2 Fill Delta

    Fill Delta

    Delta filling process with refractory mixture already prepared, ready for use.

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  • 3 Delta TECNOLITA coming into operation

    Delta TECNOLITA coming into operation

    Delta working in one of major TECNOLITA customers. Delta with excellent performance.

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  • 4 TECNOLITA's Delta in operation

    TECNOLITA's Delta in operation

    Delta reaching 265 runs, which the customer has never seen before in its operations with competitors' deltas.

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  • 5 Delta FEA - TECNOLITA


    Delta with 447 runs at the video, reaching over 500 planned races. Excellent performance.

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