Ceramics Industries

Pottery is one of artifacts production activity from clay, which becomes very plastic and easy to shape when wet. After subjected to drying to remove most of the water, the molded part is subjected to high temperatures around 1,000 degrees Celsius, which give it rigidity and strength by the fusion of certain components of the mass, and in some cases the fixing enamel surface.

These properties allowed the ceramics to be used in the construction of homes, containers for domestic use and storage of food, wines, oils, perfumes, in the construction of funerary urns and even “paper” for writing.

The ceramic can be an artistic activity, in which artifacts are produced with aesthetic value, or an industrial activity in which artifacts are produced for use in construction and engineering.

Today, in addition to its use as a raw material constituent of various household tools, civil construction and plastic material in the hands of artists, ceramics is also used in state of the art technology, specifically in the manufacture of space rocket components, precisely because of its durability.

Ceramic Industry today can be divided into sectors that have very individual characteristics and distinct levels of technological advancement.