Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Known as “the industry of industries” for serving the most varied segments of the economy, the chemical sector traditionally advances, on average, 25% above the Brazilian Gross National Product (GNP).

Petrochemicals are part of the chemical industry. In general, it is understood that the petrochemical activity begins with the production
of ethylene and its co-products, as well as other derivatives of naphtha or natural gas, for industrial purposes.

The main raw material used in the petrochemical industry is naphtha, chemical industry uses many raw materials, organic and inorganic. Naphtha is basic stuff for a number of products, which are called petrochemicals, precisely because they are made from naphtha (or natural gas) and consequently oil.

The chemical industry provides raw material for almost all other industries. It is difficult to imagine any consumer product in which the chemical industry is not present in any way.

The position of the Brazilian chemical industry in the ranking of the global chemical industry in terms of net sales is among the ten largest in the world.