Thermoelectric power plants

Thermoelectric plant is an industrial facility used to generate electric energy from the energy released by any product that can generate heat, such as bagasse from various types of plants, wood scraps, fuel oil, diesel oil, natural gas, enriched uranium and natural coal. Just as in hydroelectric energy, in which a generator, driven by water, rotates, transforming potential energy into electrical energy, in thermoelectric plants the heat source heats a boiler with water, generating water vapor at high pressure, and the steam moves the turbine blades of the generator.

The first thermoelectric plant in Brazil was inaugurated in 1883 in Campos dos Goytacazes, with the power of 52 kW. The largest thermal power plant coal from the Brazil is the Jorge Lacerda Thermoelectric Complex in Santa Catarina and one of the largest natural gas power plants the country is the Parnaíba Thermoelectric Complex in Maranhão, with 1.4 GW of installed capacity.